Harvard Brigham
Vollmer Laboratory of Nanophotonics and Biosensing

Biosensor Challenge - December 9, 2013

Label-free detection of streptavidin concentration

The challenge: The goal of this challenge was the detection of streptavidin protein binding to biotin and to determine the concentration of streptavidin in molar units. Contestants worked with their own biosensor setup and received biotinylated dextran (as well as thiol-modified biotin) and streptavidin protein. Detection had to be done in aqueous solution using those biological materials.

Contestants had 8 hours to complete the challenge with biological materials handed out at 9am. Results and a short summary of the challenge had to be submitted by 5 pm to the jury. All contestants subseqeuntly gave a short presentation of their approach and results. Based on those presentations the winner was determined.

Contestants including the winner of the challenge "Label-free detection of streptavidin concentration"


Yin-Jen Chen, first prize, WGM Biosensor

Ali Mahdavi, second place, Raman Spectroscopy

Eugene Kim and Fengchi Wu, runners up, WGM biosensing

Aaron Webster and Jiapeng Huang, Team "Plasmonics"

Martin Baaske, WGM biosensing

Jon Swaim, fiber-optic sensing

Yuqiang Wu, nanoparticle-based approach

Zachary Ballard, visiting student, WGM biosensing

Matthew Foreman, theoretical support

See you all in 2014!